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Super Braids and Weaving salon

Nestled in the heart of Arlington, TX, Super Braids and Weaving Salon represents more than just a hair service – it's a journey of transformation. Founded and managed by the passionate Mrs. Betty Bright,


Our salon has quickly become the go-to place for hair enthusiasts seeking unmatched expertise in braiding. With our commitment to excellence, every visit ensures not just a service but an experience that celebrates style, craftsmanship, and individuality

The Story of Mrs. Betty Bright

With a sparkle in her eyes and a flair for creativity, Mrs. Betty Bright's journey into the world of hair was nothing short of destiny. Growing up in a household where hair braiding was more than just a routine – it was a tradition, an art – Betty was introduced to the world of intricate braiding styles techniques from a very young age. Her grandmother's tales of ancient hair rituals and her own experiences in modern hairdressing schools coalesced into a dream: Super Braids Salon.


To provide unmatched braiding experiences that celebrate individuality, craftsmanship, and the timeless beauty of hair artistry.


To be the most sought-after destination for hair braiding, leading the industry through innovation, quality, and a commitment to customer satisfaction.

Girl with Micro Braids
Salon Ambiance

Upon entering Super Braids, clients are embraced by an aura of tranquillity and warmth.

The minimalist design, infused with a touch of modern elegance, sets the stage for relaxation. Gentle tunes fill the air, while the soft glow of ambient lighting illuminates the space, revealing comfortable styling stations equipped with the latest tools of the trade.

Every element is meticulously curated to ensure clients can unwind and relish in their transformative hair journey.

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